We started our business of trading in surimi-based for frozen service industry under Hai Hong Frozen Trading in 1994. In line with the expansion of our business, we had on 1st Jan 2005 transferred our business into HH Frozen Trading Sdn Bhd. We offered a variety range of imported frozen foods which are ready-to-cook seafood, vegetarian, meat and ready-to-eat frozen mochi and cold dish. Dried food including noodle, sauces, canned food & etc. These products are being distributed throughout Malaysia through our wholesalers and retailers. Here is the best place to source for Steamboat, BBQ, Dim Sum, Buffet, catering, vegan & etc.

海丰冷冻食品有限公司创立于 1994。 供应各式中餐拼盘,热荤,冷盘,火锅料理,点心料理及其它高品质加工食品。 希望和大家分享,开开心心品尝精选及色香味俱全的美食。 也希望大家同心协力传承和推广多元种族美食文化

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